How Ab Muscles Differ From Other Muscles

The ab is the smallest muscle you are going to work out so it needs to be treated differently. Many people do tons of sit ups to see virtually no progress. Likely, it is because they are using large ranges of motion with fast movements taking advantage of momentum and trying to build power – unintentionally. Rather, use smaller ranges of motion with a very slow form that engages the muscle. You can use the same exercises you currently do, but modify them to be shorter and focus only on the range of muscle engagement. You’ll find at the beginning and end of your rep, the ab muscles are likely relaxed. Instead, shorten the range of motion to ensure the ab muscles are always under tension. This slow and focused contraction method will help you develop the foundation of strong abs. Once, you begin to see definition, then you can add weight while maintaining perfect form. For more information, download our free Ab PDF for some basic ab exercises.